Uganda’s most enjoyable, The Kampala Brunch is Back.

If you have never understood why they say “The party never stops in Kampala” its about time you you found out. The Kampala brunch, which is organized by Abryanz Events encapsulates all things mega. Bold fashion attendees show up to eat life, sip some wine and dance to tunes of the city’s best DJ’s. Attracting an audience from the nearing countries like Rwanda and Kenya, and as far as Dubai, the Brunch highlights equal doses of memorable living, and soft life.

If you want to know what is trending in the fashion world, this Brunch is the perfect place to find true fashion enthusiast. One attendee turned up in a Coachella worthy outfit, a black meshed jumpsuit, a black bikini and no bra (yes, and it want Lizzo). If you thought that Brunch (derived from breakfast and lunch) was strictly a day thing, they just don’t care. This party goes on a smooth transition from a classy fine dinning setting for the fancy dresses and high heeled and mate powdered girls and bougie boys all rise up and dance, scream and twerk, the later it goes into the night, the crazier.

As to why they had gone on a break, Abryanz says it was in respect of the Ramathan holy month.  “Now that it has come to an end, the brunch is definitely returning with a new twist, to make our guest’s experiences much much better” Take a look at some pictures from the previous Brunches and go make your reservation immediately after.

For more information, call +256 784 106872 / +256 782 062428 or visit or social media pages @thekampalabrunch. Webpage;

For more information, call +256 784 106872 / +256 782 062428 or visit or social media pages @thekampalabrunch. Webpage;

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