Moshions debuts the Imandwa Zose Collection in Italy

It is not a surprise that Moshions is one of Africa’s best brands. Founded in 2015 by Moses Turahirwa inside Rwanda’s capital city Kigali. Over years, the brand has evolved from exclusive mens’ wear, to inclusion of women wear and accessories. Through his brand, Moses pays homage to visual storytelling traditions found in Rwanda and across the African continent in unique aesthetic creations and thereby celebrating vibrant African narratives with the world.

Last month in Italy, the brand pulled off a showcase of the IMANDWA ZOSE Collection which continues the impressive artistry of gender freedom and unique traditional styles that are captured in avant-garde craftsmanship. The collection was a sequel of the successful couture pieces launched in November 2021. The showcase was rendered in Florence, Italy under the settling scene of a flowered villa in the view of Florence, the Imadwa Collection threads together the aspects of gender expression, sustainability, and culture – through traditional aesthetics and modern couture.

Mimicking the traditional “Mushanana” wear of Rwanda, with silk shirts extending into scarves that fall over one shoulder, and perfectly detailed shirts, some of which carry messages like “I do cry”, and sweaters with plugging V necks, every piece on the collection carries a different character but ignites a similar e-“moshion” of excitement.

The pieces which mostly come in hues of pink and blue are inked on white cotton fabric. Most pieces also boast of signature hand made embroideries and crafted designs and art.

The “Moshions To the World Experience” was more than just a showcase of Imandwa Zose. It was a party, and celebration that Moses Turahirwa shared with his team. Hugui brings us to this expose of African heritage, as Moses and his team advance Moshions to the world in a breath taking scenery.

Take a look

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