Here is everyone who Impressed at the Bianca Fashion Hub, from Hamisa Mobetto to Abryanz

The Bianca Fashion Hub happened on August 20, 2022, at Camp Kigali in Rwanda. The annual fashion event returned bigger for its second edition. Organised by the famed Rwandan television presenter Bianca Baby, she brought East Africa’s best icons from the fashion, music, modelling and lifestyle industries under one roof to celebrate Rwanda’s blossoming fashion industry and shine a spotlight on her fashion line, Bianca Fashion Hub 250 that showcased on the fashion event.

The lit red carpet saw East African celebrities wear expensive and glamorous couture, the likes of Hamisa Mobetto, Eddy Kenzo, Sheila Gashumba, and Brian Ahumuza galavanted the carpet with latest styles and iconic fashion statements. Lets dive into the night’s looks.

Hamisa Mobeto was one of the red carpet judges. She wore a golden thigh-high dress vaunted to be worth 1400 USD.

Abryanz, Hamisa Mobetto, Bianca and others share a moment on stage

On the other hand, the lady of the hour Bianca Baby, wore various designs. With over 4 changes for the night, she expressed her fashion prowess in leather, couture, a red 2 piece suit and turned heads with every look.

The thigh high leather dress was accessorised with double photo frames and green ankle strap heels. For the show, she wore a red two-piece suit with extravagant shoulders, part of the pieces from the same collection that was showcased that very night.

Sheilah Gashumaba did not disappoint either. The larger-than-life party queen and emcee was the official red carpet host. She turned up elegantly in hot pink from head to toe. She coupled a pink asymmetric tulle dress with pink lace-up heels. Although some people online linked the look to that what Sharon O wore at the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards 2019. The similarity is there but the designs and architecture differ. Sharon O’s dress had multiple ruffles while Sheilah’s dress is a custom made free fall one ruffled train dress.

Sheila Gashumba red carpet arrival
Sheilah hyping on stage

Abryanz, a fashion entrepreneur and the proprietor of Africa’s biggest red carpet event (ASFAs) didn’t hold anything back. He showed up in a black cropped jacket suit, with a netted in-shirt. Coupled with silver jewellery, the fashion bravura completed the look with Fendi Slip-On Ankle Boots worth 775 USD.

Abryanz and Bianca
Eddy Kenzo performing

Eddy Kenzo on the other hand kept things simple in a white suit coupled with a white shirt. The “Enjoyment” singer stimulated the crowd with some of his top hits like “Mbilo Mbilo”, “Stamina”, and many others. Sheila Gashumba, Bianca, and other celebrities joined the African star on stage where they danced between Maganda, a local dance from Uganda and Intore, one of Rwanda’s ethnic dances.


Bianca also used the show to pay tribute to Yvan Buravan, the 27-year-old Rwandan singer, and songwriter who had died from a chronic illness a few days back. A performance of one of his hits “Big Time” by Bwiza Emerance, leaving the room in tears.

Bwiza Emerance sings a Buravan tribute
Bianca Fashion Hub 250 showcase

Bianca Fashion Hub 250 showcase

Bianca Fashion Hub 250 showcase

Bianca Fashion Hub 250 showcase

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