Metaverse Fashion Week is here

Fashion re-imagined, from avatar models to pop up shops.

Forget London and Paris, because your next stop, Decentraland is an entirely visual wild fashion show from the Metaverse. And we are all invited!

If you haven’t decided on an outfit, the one you will be wearing on your avater (shocker! I know) get to it fast. Also, prepare your first class seat to the latest fashion week, streaming live from your living room, or office. The best news is that you will not have to haggle for a front raw seat, and well, an after party invitation for all (clap! clap! clap!)

Just like all the events in Millan, Paris and London, this show will have a couple of happenings, among which; live music at an after party, but first you will have to assume an avatar on landing into the space from a link that shall be sent to applicants.

Instead of a profile picture, an avatar in 3d for all humans in the Metaverse. A wardrobe of different clothes designed by different designers. Of course, nothing can beat in real life experiences, but as you have witnessed from the previous years, all industries have transformed.And fashion is equally transitioning to the next generation of designers, like Jonathan Simkhai and Maisi Wilen who are already living in the future as they showcased digital versions of their collections in the London Fashion Week.

For designers, the metaverse has become a space for brands to create profitable volumes of branded goods in furtherance of their enduring quest for revenue growth, and possibly, to sale without the the risk of dilution that tends to follow from market saturation.

When the event was first announced by Decentraland, what was for so long an illusional dream became realistic, and now an industry that may accumulated 50$ Billion. The Metaverse Group in collaboration with Decentraland and UNXD_NFT will rack our imagination with virtual towers, fashion tents, runways, avatar models, pop-up shops, afterparties and more. Annan Roberta says that the technology will also help nudge the industry toward a more inclusive future. “Normally, fashion events are attended by people who have relationships within the industry and PR support,” she says, “but a lot of African brands don’t have that kind of access. The idea behind Semblance is to give everyone an equal seat on the front row. It’s classless.”

How to Attend

Being an online event, the fashion week is available for all fashion lovers (or tech geeks) who may want to attend. Although, you may be held back by the prequisites. First, you will need a Crypto Wallet to purchase clothes, and other things while inside the Metarvarse. To get started on your application, click here

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