How The Kampala Brunch Fashionably Went down

In between rain drizzles and lots and lots of colours at the first ever Kampala Brunch, the event still attracted the better half of Kampala’s best dressed and most fashionable. Happening at Catwalk Lounge in Kololo, the evening themed “Color Block” saw fashion lovers, socialites and even celebrities show up in mixed and matched colours which turned the rather cloudy evenning bright. Being the first of its kind, the event rained celebrities and socialites dazed in the most fashionable ways we have seen them, in a while.

Fashion enthusiasts like Tazibone Solomon, Hellen Lukoma, Denzel, Winnie Nwagi, Judith Heard, Peter Russell and those who love to live big and large on social media did not miss a chance to stamp in their lavish routine. The Kampala Bunch is organised by Abryanz Events, which is under Abryanz, a renowned fashion entrepreneur from Uganda.The Sunday event channels Kampala’s true essence in form of food, fashion and music. Last Sunday was Deejayed by Chidi who came all the way from Dubai, and one climbing the charts Brian Aweko. The two immersed guests in afro-beat and electric sounds that left everyone on their feet.

The highlight of the night was a Surprise birthday celebration of socialite Bridget Samuels who had turned up fashionably late but fully glammed up in a purple dress with ruffles, short enough to flatter her thighs while compartmentalising the essentials. If you were at the Brunch, you might see your studded self, and if you weren’t, you’ve been served. Either way, take a look and see how they are living soft-life in the busy capital.

The event has made a name for its self as the ultimate place to be at every Sunday. Its the perfect plot for fashion lovers, music lovers and those that just want to live the soft Kampala Life!

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