September Fashion & what the trends will be for the last quarter of 2022

One thing about trends; they are seasonal! And as we enter into the last quoter of the year, some specific picks have been favoured and we forecast that these will be incorporated into personal style and everyday wear as the year ends. Our team of editors looked at various red carpets and fashion weeks. From the Kampala Brunch stylish on-goers to the recently concluded Bianca Fashion Hub in Kigali Rwanda, and other stylish spaces, the trends we have noticed all share one thing in common, and that is comfort, flexibility and edginess. Considering how fashion has been a great part of the coping mechanism for most people after the pandemic, the new norm of fashion takes us close to the 90’s era and it seems, as we enter into a new fashion renaissance, we will have a redo of past favourites.

The trends are further inspired by the larger ongoing conversation on sustainability, which is why we will also see a lot of restructured and recycled clothing-based fashion like jackets, pants, sweaters, and other cardigans. Brands like Buziga HillMATE, and other brands are making custom clothes from upcycled materials, and second-hand clothes. The woke public is buying in.


Although this trend is not necessarily new, the combination of living indoors due to the pandemic and fashion weeks, has brought it back and lucky for you, the baggy trend can take you anywhere, from office to a date night with your BFFs. Forget the tight uncomfortable latex pants and embrace the roomy airy silhouettes. This season is all about free and loosely fitting clothes, be it denim pants, sweaters, shirts and dresses.

It is also easy to play with a baggy outfit depending on the structure you are going for. They can easily be paired with a crop top, puffer jacket, shirt, coats, and almost everything! Are you convinced to add a pair to your wardrobe?

Embroidery & Crochets

In the spirit of laid-back fashion, embroidery and crochets have been having a summer moment, but as the summer gets done, the trend will be flaring on. This street style is a perfect vacation must-have, but the look also fits for a movie night, depending on how you want to style it. Options range from knitted dresses, shorts, pants, and accessories. How do you plan on taking on this trend into your style? Let us know in the comments.

Restructured Fashion

Restructured fashion is about using old clothing to create something new. The up cycling movement is fuelled by the conversation on sustainability and fashion recycling. Transformed garment subvert the traditional codes of fashion. The beauty of this trend is in damaged clothes getting used to create something new, that is one of a kind. The most practical way of incorporating this trend is finding a look that you want to rock, getting second hand clothing and identifying materials that you can reuse to create your vision.

Sheer tops

The naked trend is back, although now it is not all about sexiness but rather; boldness. If you love to show off some skin, this trend is also for you. From sheer to net outfits, the trend has been embraced by celebrities and regular fashion personalities alike. Perfect as an undergarment for those of us who are a bit laid back, and for the bold and daring, the look is perfect on bare skin.

As most of the other styles named, this look may get into the office, if styled very particularly, yet for a night out, date, and events that will involve a bit of sun, it’s still the catch! Don’t be the boring one, add a little drama into your style with this bold look.

Olaide Daniel, the Abryanz Clothing Ambassador rocks a sheer top at the Kampala Brunch

Silhouettes & Cutouts.

Recognised for their crafty cuts, alluring designs, and architectural build-ups, this style brings street style and high fashion with deconstructed and rebellious staples. Lovers of contemporary styles will flood designs. From dishevelled denim, tattered knits, and cut-out dresses. Mugler took the trend further with their SPRING SUMMER 2022 collection bringing silhouettes with a surrealist edge.

Chunky boots

After saying bye bye to tractor sneaks (yah, they got out of trend), I am now obsessed with the all time favourite chunky boots era. If you don’t have any, it is time to go shopping. The transition from tractor sneakers to chunky boots brings street and casual together, so if you are a street casual kinda guy, its your season. The trend allows you to stand out and makes you bold and playful all at once. The trend is in, and there is at least a million more ways to get in on it.

Brian Ahumuza wearing

Ornaments / Accesorise

In this era, details are everything and one thing is making rounds in street style and high fashion silhouettes and its crafty accessories. Rhinestones, pearls, shimmer, and diamonds (lucky if you can afford them) have continued to stand out from fashion shows and street style.

Musical stars like Megan the stallion, Naomi Campbell and Kim Kardashian have stamped the trend so how can we differ? The late collection by Mugler details plastic.

Aweng Chuol for Mugler SS22 in an ornamented top

Barbiecore season

Hot pink is in for this season, and there is a reason behind that. The colour came on the block after the release of the first pictures from the upcoming film by Greta Gerwig; Barbie.

In addition to Valentino’s Absolute Pink showcase which was stripped down to one shade of pink, the showcase captured the unique character of the colour in modish pieces of clothing. Pink is now at the forefront of fashion, from celebrity closets, red carpets and street styles, the warm colour is making its way into your wardrobe this season so feel fearless to engross yourself in the colour of love.

Wizkid in a sheer Barbicore pink ensemble

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