A close look at Rihannah’s maternity style.

Fashion is one of the things Bad girl Riri has always been good at. When it comes to her sense of style nothing stands in the way. Even though pregnancy in Hollywood seems like a set back, Rihanna has proved that nothing, and absolutely nothing can stand in her way. Not even the little human being growing in her vintage-jewelary adorned tummy.

As far as we know, the singer is cycling around ripped jeans, pearls and luxury jewellery on her arms, fingers, neck, legs and tummy. ASAP and Rihanna who broke the internet early last month with cuddly pictures as the two stood in the snowy town of Harlem, where ASAP comes from.

On breaking all the rules regarding maternity and sexiness, Rihanna has stayed true to her brand of sensuality, there by merging the two divergent aspects of maternity & Sexiness. Her push against stereotypes regarding sexiness and maternity are intentional. Staying candid, she expressed that there are up sides and down sides to “this” by wholesomely embracing her body with all its new formations. Referring to the experience as fun, but also challenging. In an interview with People, Rihannah recounts how “When women get pregnant, society tends to make it seem like they are suppozed to hide their sexy. And that they are not sexy right now, and she doesn’t believe in that sh**

Muse: The jewellery falling over the bump.
Muse: This picture screams “AM SEXY AND I KNOW IT” with the latex crop top.
Muse: The shoes, fur coat, denim jeans and animal print bag. This picture is perfect.
Muse: Please tell me you see the ankle jewellery. That top is just on top, phewww
Muse: Now this is a maternity picture. All perfect!

Muse: The brown coat, body socks and stilettos.

Muse: Can I choose my mother please? Rihanna is the one!

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