Terrence Howard in Uganda with Cutting edge Technology; The Lynchpin

Famed for his award winning role “Lucious Lyon” in FOX hit series Empire, Terrence Howard, an American actor was recently in Uganda for pleasure and business. The star who always had an epiphany for science was a student of engineering at Pratt University although he didn’t graduate by 3 courses.

Howard and his wife Miranda Pak arrived in Uganda earlier this week, in a meeting with delegates and the president of Uganda he filed a new form of technology that will reportedly improve the county’s travel and aviation sector and boost funding and tourism for Uganda.

The actor also spoke about the Lynchpin drone project, his innovation which he described as a new form of flight that would replace drones and planes. “We have invented a new form of flight that I would like to bring here to Uganda to replace the drones, helicopters and planes” he said.

Terrence said there was sufficient funding available and that what was necessary was just a ground on which to build this project. In his address, he added that the main purpose of the project would be to defend the sovereignty of the country as far as technology was concerned,” Howard said.

The Lynchpin Project

Terrence Howard has long been a seeker of truth. In this three-dimensional plane that he describes as “the future”, for which he has endured a fair amount of criticism for simply asking the question: What is the true nature of the square root of the number two? The Lynchpin discovers networks and bonding capabilities would permit us to reach great heights. Whether it be in handling big jobs, situations, and scenarios at mass to perform physical tasks such as placing bricks, roof tiles, putting out fires, filming in an entirely new way, and even cleaning our oceans.

“The Lynchpin can dive into the water just like a dolphin. When it comes to media the Lynchpin system when networked in partnership with wireless 5G carriers the drone initiates that network transmission system itself eliminating the need for tower transponders. The maneuverability of the Lynchpin drone platform permits sport mode flying and filming of sports in totally new ways where AI drones can follow the ball in the first-person view.” described in a press release.

In his address, Howard speaks of the success of The LynchPin Project which he launched in 2021. In collaboration with Andrew Sobka, the pair were launching the Lynchpin Drone, protected by 86 patents. Another form of security, supposedly the Lynchpin performs in a completely ‘new way‘

The vision of Lynchpin is to play a vital and fundamental role in the manifestation of our universe by exploring the limitlessness of this most sacred of all geometries, and together meet the future halfway.

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