Brand of the week: Tia Adeola

After posting some of her designs on Snapchat and Instagram, Tia started receiving requests and quickly built a cult following for her brand, TIA ADEOLA.

Originally from Nigeria but raised in London, and now based in New York. TIA ADEOLA founder and designer Teni “Tia” Adeola graduated in May 2019 from The New School with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Culture and Media. Tia created the brand from her dorm room during the summer of 2017. Using her art history background and passion for the Renaissance period as inspiration. Her aim is to rewrite history through fashion, particularly for people of colour.

Tia Adeola presents modern day versions of Renaissance-inspired silhouettes. With sculpturally ruffled garments referencing 16th century Spanish way of dressing. Teni Adeola draws from the extravagance of that era to give her customers a unique experience.

The designer presented her latest collection in February during NewYorkFashionWeek and introduced menswear for the first time. The collection featured feathered silhouettes and her signature ruffles. She also introduced graphic prints with powerful messages directed at SARS, a controversial Police group in her native Nigeria.

The queen of ruffles merges art history and street style through fashion to rewrite history. By focusing a new lens on diversity, representation and modernity, the brand expands what the Renaissance aesthetic represents. Constantly challenging herself creatively and expanding her brand’s universe, Teni Adeoala released a short film last year which was nominated in 5 categories at the FashionFilmFestival, and released travel accessory collection in collaboration with Away.

Speaking to Vogue in 2020, Tia says keeping her nickname as opposed to using her full birth name, Teniola, was a nod to what she created and all the girls who had supported her the whole time. She says. “It still has a lot of the fun and celebratory signatures that made Slashed by Tia so special at the time, and I wanted to keep that part of the brand that has my customers feeling empowered, bold, and so beautiful and celebrated in this new iteration of it.

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